A letter protesting student deaths from the High School Teachers' Union in Ginoza to James B. Lamport, High Commissioner of the Ryukyus.

July 1954
Plan of Resettlement for FY 1956 - FY 1960

Address by Dr. James A Ross, Director of RICOM, Economic Development Department on the occasion of the Departure of 139 Emigrants to Bolivia.

Things highlighted include topography, roads, towns, and bases.

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A notice from USCAR to the Chief Executive of the Government of the Ryukyu Islands to inform them of the use of specified land for troop training purposes.
"Use of the area [for troop training] will not require the suspension of indigenous…

This is a translated article printed in the local Okinawan newspaper. "The Land Problem is unjust, change military administration for civil service one."

Directive No. 131 provides a list of preventative measures for Malaria.

Navy, Army, and U.S. Military Government areas are shaded.
"Rescinded by CA Directive No 12, 19 November 1953"

Petition from Hideyoshi Uehara to the Honorable High Commissioner of the Ryukyu Islands on land ownership.

Date Sent: 6/26/1952
Date Received: 9/20/1952
In the planning of the construction for new army installments, approximately 337 Okinawan tombs and 391 buildings were estimated to be cleared according to a document released by the Headquarters of the Ryukyus Command in June of 1952. This document…