"Seed store"


Charles Eugene Gail
Geri Gail
"This is a seed store. The old gent has made himself a pair of bifocals by taping two pairs of glasses together. Hi is using the far vision through the top pai only now, but back to his newspapers he will look through both. Notice the cans in the back made out of old beer cans. The tin shps make most of their products out of empty beer cans, funnels, pencil boxes, and cartons & boxes of all sizes. You will notice he smokes Camel cigarettes with an ivory holder, and the dragon ash tray is Okinawan pottery. Oh, on the extreme left at the level of his shoulder is a funnel made of old Shlitz cans."

Community Contributions
"Kampo (Herbal medicine)."

Archivist's Notes
Charles Gail Collection
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Charles Eugene Gail, “"Seed store",” The Gail Project, accessed December 5, 2022, https://gailproject.ucsc.edu/items/show/133.


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